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37 reviews for Mewing Appliance

  1. Fidelia M

    I’ve used it for a week so far and I like the product a lot but I believe using a bigger size would be better

  2. Rishan Anand

    I enjoyed the mewing appliance because I believe it serves its purpose on keeping the user occupied with making sure the device in stays place.

  3. Mira Halabi

    I used it for a while when I first got it and I became much better at Mewing. Without this device, I only mew when I watch videos about mewing. But with the mewing appliance, I mew even if I am doing other things. My problem is that I stopped using the device for awhile and I lost the progress. Now I am getting back into it and I will make it a habit

  4. Louis

    I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend because she is obsessed with mewing. She even tapes her lips at night because she wants to breathe through her nose when she sleeps (kinda strange I know). She really liked the gift because she was not expecting the surprise!

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