The Mewing Appliance ™

A mewing device that improves your facial appearance so you can reach your full potential

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Having an unattractive face is a disadvantage. Some people say looks don’t matter, but we all know they do. 

Poor facial appearance is the result of bad tongue posture. To counteract this, maintain proper tongue posture by flattening your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

This is also known as Mewing – a technique that improves bone structure and results in an attractive face.

The Mewing Appliance

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White color is sold out. We only have blue-colored devices are available until our lab restocks white devices.

The Mewing Appliance is a device that helps you maintain proper tongue posture consistently. When placed in the mouth, the device trains you to mew properly by becoming uncomfortable when your tongue drops from your palate.

Our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with, contact us within two weeks for a full refund. You don't have to ship anything back.

Free shipping. Arrives within two weeks to the USA and within three weeks internationally.

Lifetime replacement. If you lose your Mewing Appliance, we replace it for free.

Food-grade silicon. The material we use is compliant with FDA requirements.

How does it work?

Get exceptionally good at mewing by using the Mewing Appliance for one hour every day. The device trains you to mew by becoming uncomfortable when you stop mewing.

Mewing Results

People of all ages have used mewing to improve their facial appearance. To see more, view this compilation of mewing before and after results.

Starting age: 18 years
Time taken: 5 years

mewing before after result age 18

Starting age: 17 years
Time taken: 5 months

mewing before after result age 17

Starting age: 16 years
Time taken: 9 months

mewing before after result age 16

Starting age: 20 years
Time taken: 5 years

mewing before after result age 20


22 reviews for Mewing Appliance

  1. Maple S

    I use it every day and it helped me improve my Mewing. Delivery was a bit slow though

  2. Jaya Kotte

    you don’t want to ship to Sri Lanka even if I pay extra for shipping… waste of time

  3. Yvonne

    I bought one for my son because his chin is set back. So far, it’s the best way I found to make him close his mouth and breathe through the nose. Thank you!

  4. 419nate

    It’s a bit expensive, so I tried using a plastic washer from the hardware store instead. It didn’t work because the plastic washer is too stiff and uncomfortable. I ended up trying the mewing appliance and it’s more comfy

  5. ForsakenCounty233

    I’ve been using it consistently for 7 days!! It made me realize how little I was mewing before that. It’s hard to mew all day but I’m getting better and soon I will be mewing even in my sleep

  6. Audrey Frank

    This device is perfect for keeping your tongue in the correct posture and forgetting about it. After a few hours of using it, my palate is noticeably sore from the constant pressure. Easy to use easy to clean, comes in a small little baggy which I’ve been using to store it.
    Came earlier than expected, excited to continue using it!

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