Our Mission

Help people improve their facial appearance to reach their full potential

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It’s unfair for people to suffer from poor facial appearance due to improper tongue posture.┬áTo tackle this problem, we provide tools and information to help people become exceptionally good at mewing.

Join our team

We partner with the best and brightest to help make our mission a reality. We are looking to expand our team with the positions listed below. If you believe you are the right fit, please reach out.

Dental Medicine

We are looking for doctors to use the Mewing Appliance in a clinical setting and help provide data on the impact of proper tongue posture.

Affiliate Partners

We are looking for affiliate partners to help increase the reach and impact of mewing.


We are looking for an engineer to help design and build the next generation of mewing devices. A formal engineering degree is not required if you have the skills to create exceptional products.

Social Media Management

We are looking for a resourceful individual to improve our social media presence and increase the reach and impact of mewing.


We are looking for a creative copywriter that can produce clear and compelling content to help increase the reach and impact of mewing.

Graphic Design

We are looking for a talented graphic designer to produce graphics that will help us communicate our message in a clearly and beautifully.