Frequently Asked Questions

About Mewing

How long does mewing take to see results?

Most people report positive results from mewing between six months to a year. However, this varies greatly depending on the age of the user and the amount of mewing they perform. Ideally, mewing should be an unconscious habit that is maintained on a permanent basis as part of the natural posture.  At that point, mewing becomes effortless and provides positive results that add up over time.

How long should I mew?

The Tropic Premise, published by Dr. Mew in 1981, states that:

 “The ideal development of the jaws and teeth is dependent on correct oral posture with the tongue resting on the palate, the lips sealed and the teeth in light contact for between four and eight hours a day.

Use the Mewing Appliance for one hour every day to train your ability to mew. Mewing should become a habit even when you are not wearing the Mewing Appliance.

Is mewing scientifically proven?

The following scientific papers show peer-reviewed evidence that tongue posture has an impact on the development of the jaws:
– Primate experiments on oral respiration: A group of monkeys had their noses plugged which forced them to drop their tongue from the palate and breathe through the mouth. Over time, the monkeys developed narrowed jaws with crowded teeth.
– The Association of Tongue Posture with Maxillary Morphology: In the study of 40 patients, improper tongue posture was significantly correlated with an underdeveloped maxilla and a small palate.

About the Mewing Appliance ™

How do I use the Mewing Appliance ?

1. Place the device on the middle of your tongue.
2. Press your tongue against your palate.
3. If you feel the device fully pressed against your palate, it means you are mewing correctly.

This will train your tongue to be pressed up against the palate at all times when you are not speaking or eating.

How much should I wear the Mewing Appliance ?

Use the mewing device for one hour every day to train the habit of proper tongue posture. The goal is to be able to mew constantly even when you are not using Mewing Appliance.

How does it improve my ability to mew?

When you are mewing correctly, the appliance is lodged in place against the palate. When you stop mewing, it moves around your mouth which is annoying. To stop it from moving around, you have to mew constantly. This trains you to maintain proper tongue posture at all times.

I am not satisfied with the device, what should I do?

Please send an email to [email protected] within two weeks of receiving the device and we will refund you in full. You do not have to ship anything back.

Why is the Mewing Appliance shaped like a ring?

We tried several designs for the Mewing Appliance and we found the O shape to be ideal because it helps to get the mewing technique right. When mewing, you flatten your whole tongue (including the posterior part) against the roof of your mouth. When doing so, you should feel both the inner and the outer circle of the device, which indicates that you are using proper technique.

Where should I place the Mewing Appliance on my tongue?

The Mewing Appliance should be centered on the roof of your mouth. Use your tongue to adjust it until it is in the middle of your palate.

How do I clean it?

There are two ways to clean the device:

  • Wet the Mewing Appliance with running water and use soap to scrub it for at least 25 seconds.
  • Soak the device in a mouthwash solution for at least 45 seconds. 

Clean the Mewing Appliance every time you use it to prevent bacteria from accumulating on the device and causing a sore throat.

Can’t I just use a piece of gum instead?

You certainly can! Although, we found that a piece of gum is not as effective because it degrades quickly. Additionally, it doesn’t provide negative feedback when you stop mewing because gum is too soft. The shape of the Mewing Appliance is also optimized to encourage proper mewing technique.

Is the device safe to put in my mouth?

Yes, the Mewing Appliance is built with food-grade polymers that are safe for oral use.

Can I talk when using the Mewing Appliance ?

The Mewing Appliance becomes uncomfortable as soon as you stop mewing, which includes when you talk. However, the device is small enough to fit against your cheek, which means that you can use your tongue to move it to that location when you wish to talk. This approach is less cumbersome than removing the Mewing Appliance you want to talk.

Can I sleep when using the Mewing Appliance ?

No because it is a choking hazard. However, the Mewing Appliance can still help improve tongue posture during sleep because the training it provides during the day tends to carry over at night.

Can I eat or drink when using the Mewing Appliance ?

No because it is a choking hazard. Additionally, consuming anything other than water while wearing the device could damage it.

Can I smoke when using the Mewing Appliance ?

Repeatedly exposing the device to cigarette smoke causes it to wear out prematurely.

Is the Mewing Appliance a medical device?

The Mewing Appliance is not a medical device, and it does not make any medical claims.

Can my child use the Mewing Appliance?

People under 18 years old should not use the device because it is a choking hazard.

Orders and Shipping

How long does it take to receive the Mewing Appliance ?

The device should arrive within 14 days to the United States and within 21 days internationally. If you don’t receive the device within that time, please let us know at [email protected] and we will make it right. We respond to all emails, but it can take up to 14 days.

How do I track my order ?

You will receive an email when you place the order and when the device is shipped out. Unfortunately, we cannot track the device further because we only provide free shipping.

Do I have to pay for customs?

You do not. If you paid for customs when receiving the device, please reach out to [email protected] .

I lost my device, what should I do?

Please contact [email protected] to claim your replacement. Include your order number in the email.