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22 reviews for Mewing Appliance

  1. Maple S

    I use it every day and it helped me improve my Mewing. Delivery was a bit slow though

  2. Jaya Kotte

    you don’t want to ship to Sri Lanka even if I pay extra for shipping… waste of time

  3. Yvonne

    I bought one for my son because his chin is set back. So far, it’s the best way I found to make him close his mouth and breathe through the nose. Thank you!

  4. 419nate

    It’s a bit expensive, so I tried using a plastic washer from the hardware store instead. It didn’t work because the plastic washer is too stiff and uncomfortable. I ended up trying the mewing appliance and it’s more comfy

  5. ForsakenCounty233

    I’ve been using it consistently for 7 days!! It made me realize how little I was mewing before that. It’s hard to mew all day but I’m getting better and soon I will be mewing even in my sleep

  6. Audrey Frank

    This device is perfect for keeping your tongue in the correct posture and forgetting about it. After a few hours of using it, my palate is noticeably sore from the constant pressure. Easy to use easy to clean, comes in a small little baggy which I’ve been using to store it.
    Came earlier than expected, excited to continue using it!

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