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17 reviews for Mewing Appliance

  1. Audrey Frank

    This device is perfect for keeping your tongue in the correct posture and forgetting about it. After a few hours of using it, my palate is noticeably sore from the constant pressure. Easy to use easy to clean, comes in a small little baggy which I’ve been using to store it.
    Came earlier than expected, excited to continue using it!

  2. Millie Yewen

    So far I like it. My device was discolored but I contacted customer support and they sent me a new one. Some days I forget to use the item and I feel like I lose progress on my mewing.

  3. MewingPedia

    The appliance is simple yet effective in doing its job. The perks attached to the product make it even better. View our full review on

  4. Fidelia M

    I’ve used it for a week so far and I like the product a lot but I believe using a bigger size would be better

  5. Rishan Anand

    I enjoyed the mewing appliance because I believe it serves its purpose on keeping the user occupied with making sure the device in stays place.

  6. Mira Halabi

    I used it for a while when I first got it and I became much better at Mewing. Without this device, I only mew when I watch videos about mewing. But with the mewing appliance, I mew even if I am doing other things. My problem is that I stopped using the device for awhile and I lost the progress. Now I am getting back into it and I will make it a habit

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