The Mewing Appliance ™

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The Mewing Appliance ™ is a device that helps you maintain proper tongue posture consistently. When placed in the mouth, the device trains you to mew properly by becoming uncomfortable when your tongue drops from your palate.

Our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the Mewing Appliance ™, contact us within two weeks of receiving the device and you will be refunded in full. You do not have to ship anything back.

Free shipping. Arrives within two weeks to the United States and within three weeks internationally.

Lifetime replacement. If you lose or damage your Mewing Appliance, we will replace it for free.

Food-grade silicon. The material we use is compliant with FDA requirements.


17 reviews for Mewing Appliance

  1. Louis

    I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend because she is obsessed with mewing. She even tapes her lips at night because she wants to breathe through her nose when she sleeps (kinda strange I know). She really liked the gift because she was not expecting the surprise!

  2. Lucas Freeman

    It does its job pretty well and is straight forward to use. It would be better if the website has a two-day shipping option. I receive the device yesterday and I mewed all day

  3. Christophe Bédard

    I ordered two appliances but I only received one. When I emailed customer support, they refunded my order and shipped the missing device. However, I still had to wait another two weeks before receiving the two appliances I initially ordered. The only reason I am not giving 1 star is because refunded my payment promptly.

  4. Marie Thompson-Leduc

    I love this item because makes me so much better at mewing. I am not a fan of the color though and I wish there were more options

  5. Matthew

    It’s challenging to remind myself throughout the day to posture my tongue. This device helps me mew more consistently. It’s soft, non-invasive, and comes in a slick metal case. When I lost my device accidentally, their support sent me a new one

  6. Fahad Seif

    I broke my device after using it for three months. When I contacted their support, they replaced my mewing appliance for free. Thank you!

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